As OK Severe Weather Season Starts, Roofers Get Busy

Tuesday, March 28th 2017, 11:20 pm
By: News On 6

Storm season is under way, which means hail and strong winds could be on the horizon; it also means roofers are getting busy.

"Once the rains start hitting, that's when people start going, ‘Oh my gosh, there's a leak I haven't noticed before,’" said roofer Mike Compton.

Compton has been in the roofing business for eight years and he said if he's learned one thing, it's that his job revolves around the weather.

"We're still not in full swing like we will be in maybe another 60 or 90 days," he said.

Compton said strong winds and hail can cause issues for your roof.

Wind damage is easier to see with your own eyes, but hail, not so much.

It's the size of the hail that matters - if the hail is only pea sized then your roof is safe, but, if the hail graduates to golf ball sized, the shingles are probably in trouble.

"Hail is a little bit more tricky because a lot of times people get hail damage, they walk outside and they look up on the roof and they say, ‘I don't see anything,’" Compton said.

If you don't get it fixed, it could get worse over time and could end up costing you more money. Plus, Compton said your insurance company will be less likely to accept your claim if you've neglected the damage.

"One of the first things they'll tell you, if you're missing shingles or something, get some tarps on there, do whatever you can to prevent further damage from occurring," he said.

Compton said if your roof has been damaged by hail there are a few key things you can look for.

"Obviously, if you have a car that was parked outside and you got dings on your car, you're probably going to have damage on your roof," he said.

You can also look for dings or damages on gutters and box vents, but, if in doubt, have a professional come and check.

If your roof is damaged by hail, Compton said it's best to get it fixed immediately instead of waiting for it to get worse.