Child Dies In Possible CO Poisoning In Tulsa

Friday, March 24th 2017, 8:56 am
By: Emory Bryan

An 8-year-old boy is dead and his father is in a coma after police say their home filled with a deadly amount of carbon monoxide.

Now, police are investigating into what happened in the hours before a family friend discovered the father and son unconscious in a home in the 13200 block of East 30th Place South.

Firefighters said the carbon monoxide in the house was at least six times what's considered deadly. Even first responders had to be checked over to make sure they weren't hurt after rushing in and out.

For the family, it’s a double tragedy – 8-year-old Noah Cruz was dead and his father, Noel Cruz, was unconscious, but alive, and expected to recover.

The mother, Zaneta Campbell, was at an out of state funeral and got the news by phone.

The family was new to the neighborhood, moving there from Chicago, hoping to improve their lives, according to friends.

Noah had muscular dystrophy, used a wheelchair, and neighbors said his father met the bus for disabled children after school every day.

A neighbor had just met Noel and Noah a few days ago.

“Just a tragedy, a really good guy trying to help his family trying to stay alive and do good. And something like to happen,” neighbor Michael Zeller said.

Firefighters said a Nissan Xterra was running in a closed garage when they arrived and a door into the house was open.

After several hours of venting out the house, police went in with a search warrant but said they didn't find anything remarkable inside.

Corporal Mark Kraft said, “It's tough when there are no other witnesses to it that we can find, nobody else was home.”

Police were called by a family friend who found the victims inside.

Kraft said, "And she had been calling all night trying to get a hold of someone and couldn't, so she called a friend to go over and check - and she had a key and went inside and that's when she found them unconscious and called 911."

The police said DHS has opened an investigation, because of the child, along with theirs. They hope to get some more information from the father once he regains consciousness.