New BA Conference Center Expected To Bring Boost To Economy

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017, 8:56 pm
By: News On 6

In Broken Arrow, a new hotel and conference center is opening near the Bass Pro Shop this fall.

It’s Broken Arrow's first conference center and the City estimates it could bring up to 10,000 out of state visitors each year.

The idea for the huge project dates back to 2004 - right around the time Bass Pro was breaking ground. Kevin McCarty with Stoney Creek Hotels said they knew then it was going to be a hot area.

"Just knew there was so much more than just what was here today. We knew there was going to be so much more growth potential, and now, fast forward to 2017, and if you look around it's pretty amazing what the community has done," he said.

Since then, McCarty said the support from the community has been overwhelming - something he said will pay off for everyone.

"Bringing the conference center to Broken Arrow is what's going to lead to a little more economic growth in the community. Actually, a lot more," McCarty said.

On top of the 75 permanent positions opening up with the building this fall, the conference center is also sparking even more businesses to pop up nearby.

Mayor Craig Thurmond said, "It's hard to say how much this is going to do, but it's going to make a huge impact. It's one of the bigger things we've done in our community."

Thurmond said the Stoney Creek hotel and conference center will bring a unique experience to not only out of state visitors, but members of the BA community.

"It's something that really has been a long time coming," he said. “There's not going to be anything like it in our metro area, so we're excited about that."

On top of all the out-of-state business the building will bring, it will also create about 75 new jobs in the Broken Arrow area.

You can apply for a job with Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center here.