Excitement Grows As Basketball Fans Invade Tulsa

Friday, March 17th 2017, 5:50 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

An exciting weekend tipped off in Tulsa Friday; not only is it Saint Patrick's Day, but March Madness has invaded downtown.

For basketball fans, downtown Tulsa is the place to be, and people from places like New York and Florida are discovering all the fun our city has to offer.

No matter who you want to win, it's time to party in Tulsa.

"Got the party here, and the party over down there, and, it's good for everyone," said college basketball fan Adam Theissen.

We quickly learned orange doesn't always mean OSU, just ask Jim Latin from New York.

"This is an official protest for why Syracuse did not get in the tournament. Absolutely criminal," he said.

And while fans are walking into the BOK Center, they're not just thinking about their team but about how they'll enjoy their weekend in Tulsa.

Fan: "I'm looking forward to in between the games so I can get a beer, celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
Amy: “A beer? Maybe two, three?”
Fan: “Just one! One big one!”

In between the games, there's plenty to do downtown; there's even a free shuttle that will take you to Cherry Street, the Brady District or the Blue Dome District.