Police Continue Searching For Verdigris Man Suspected Of Killing His Father

Monday, March 6th 2017, 7:46 am
By: News On 6

Investigators have obtained an arrest warrant for a man suspected of shooting and killing his father inside their Verdigris home Sunday night.

Investigators believe Brian Benedict shot and killed his father inside their home, located near East Maple Drive and South Willow Road. 

Deputies said Brian Benedict, 30, is a bit of a loner and a recluse.  They said he doesn't own a cell phone, has no social media accounts, is known to carry a 'bug out bag,' has stashed guns at neighbor's houses and is known to walk the woods in the area.

They said even the photo they have of Benedict is about 10 years old. 

Deputies said that he mostly kept to himself, even locking himself inside his room, in the home where he shares with his parents.

They found bloody flip flops near the back fence, making them believe Benedict ran off barefooted after the shooting. 

Rogers County brought in their search and rescue dog, Ryder, to try to get a track on Benedict but had no luck.

Tulsa's police chopper also flew over the area and nearby Verdigris schools called off classes as a precaution.

It was quite a lot of activity for this normally quiet neighborhood.

"It's a pretty remote situation here. Everybody seems to know everybody. We mind our own business," said neighbor Don Cox. 

Deputies said Jim Benedict came home from a birthday party about 30 minutes ahead of his wife Sunday evening and when she arrived, she found him dead, shot twice and beaten as well.

Investigators said there was a lot of blood in the house and evidence showed someone had tried to clean up. 

Benedict's son, Brian, hasn't been seen since and they believe he has a gun.

"We're just concerned he's emotionally distressed at this time because of the situation," said Rogers County Sheriff's Office Major Coy Jenkins. 

Deputies ask all people in the area to remain vigilant and if you see  Benedict, contact them immediately.  

He's a 30-year-old white male, 5'8" and around 165 pounds. His hair is close-cropped, police said.