WATCH: US Air Force Jet's Visit To Tulsa Captured By Osage SkyNews 6

Friday, October 28th 2016, 2:09 pm
By: Richard Clark

The crew on board Osage SkyNews 6 captured video of a U.S. Air Force jet practicing landings and takeoffs in Tulsa.

Pilot Will Kavanagh and photojournalist Dustin Stone were heading to another assignment when they saw the USAF E-3 Sentry aircraft doing touch-and-goes at TIA.

The E-3 is based on the old Boeing 707 airliner. It's distinctive because it carries a huge radar dish in a dome on top of the rear fuselage. The dome is 30 feet in diameter and six feet thick. The radar system allows the plane and its crew to keep track of air space to a radius of 250 miles. 

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The Sentries are based at Tinker Air Force Base and they come to Tulsa periodically to practice landings and takeoffs, because of TIA's long runway and relatively clear traffic pattern.

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The flight crews have to make a certain number of landings and takeoffs every month in order to "stay current," which means keeping their skills honed to a fine edge. When they come to Tulsa, they will do many touch-and-goes with the flight crew members taking turns at the controls. 

Spirit AeroSystems repairs the jets' radomes at its plant in Tulsa.