Runners Prepare For This Weekend's 2016 Tulsa Run

Friday, October 28th 2016, 12:53 pm
By: Joseph Holloway

Thousands of runners are in town for the annual Tulsa Run on Saturday.  

Many have already or will soon visit the Tulsa Run Expo at the Cox Business Center, to pick up their racing packets and check out the vendors at the expo. 

"This year, I'm aiming for, like, under an hour 25, hour 20," said Margeaux McEntire.

McEntire ran the Tulsa Run in 2014, finishing in just over an hour and a half.  She says she wants to knock a few minutes off that time this year.

"I've been doing more focused runs, like going out, running shorter distances but faster and then, my longer runs where I just, you know, try to cover more distance," said Margeaux McEntire.

McEntire was one of the more than 7,000 runners coming to the Cox Business Center Friday for the Tulsa Run Expo.

Runners are here loading up on gear that will give them that competitive edge in Saturday's race.

"I did! Ooh, I got this shirt and it's really soft," said Margeaux McEntire.

Runners get a bag with everything they'll need for the race and they can visit with vendors selling sport gear.

Organizers say the expo gets participants ready, not just for the race but for an active daily lifestyle.

"Once we get them out on the streets, we want them to stay active in some form or fashion. If it's not running, in some other way," said Tulsa Run director Heath Aucoin. 

McEntire says she's leaving the expo ready to run.

"I'm just excited to see how I can do," said Margeaux McEntire.

Races will begin in downtown Tulsa at 7:45 a.m. Saturday.