Tulsa Man Sentenced To Life For Murder Of 5-Year-Old Son

Wednesday, October 26th 2016, 1:26 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa man gets life without parole for murdering his 5-year-old son last year.  

Bryon Creech showed no emotion as his ex-wife tearfully told the judge her son didn't deserve to die.

Members of Tulsa's Special Operations Team showed up for court. One testified that when they went into the apartment after Creech was arrested, they found Brayden, in a superhero shirts, in his bed with cartoon sheets. 

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He'd been shot in the chest and bled to death in his bed and they found evidence his hands and feet had been tied with zip ties.

The Special Operations Team escorted Brayden's mother out of court after her former mother-in-law confronted her in the courtroom.

Bryon Creech's mother had shaken her head no during the testimony and whispered, "they're lying."

Police officers testified Creech slashed and shot up furniture in his ex-wife's apartment and cut and burned family photos. 

Prosecutors said he'd brought a murder kit with him, proving it was planned, not spur of the moment.

He had purchased a gun, had a knife, had zip ties, rope, tape. He had ear plugs, everything he needed," said Tulsa County Assistant District Attorney Sarah McAmis. 

She said Creech was obsessed with his wife, stalked her, harassed her, accused her of abuse, set up fake emails, text messages and a Facebook account to make it look like she the problem.  

McAmis said Creech told his wife he would destroy her and even told their son he was going to 'kill mommy because she broke up the family.'

She said Creech told hostage negotiators during the 17-hour standoff, his son was alive.

"It's absolutely horrifying to think someone would do this to their own flesh and blood," McAmis said. 

Creech's attorney told the judge he can't explain why Creech did this and Creech himself can't explain it. 

Creech didn't call any witnesses and he didn't testify either. 

Prosecutors said he has shown no remorse. 

McAmis said police officers, family members, citizens have been more deeply affected by the boy's murder than his own father.

He pleaded guilty August 18, 2016, to first-degree murder, shooting with intent to kill, kidnapping, child abuse by injury, child neglect, second-degree burglary and violation of a protective order.