Osage County Woman’s Faith Kept Her Going For 17 Hours After Crash

Friday, October 14th 2016, 6:25 pm
By: Tess Maune

We're learning more about the 60-year-old woman who survived 17 hours after crashing along a rural Osage County road.

Seventeen hours - that's how long Linda Cravens spent praying someone would see her crashed car down this embankment.

The ground is rutted up where the car went off Prue Road Thursday afternoon.

It's a rural area that doesn't get a lot of traffic; and even if it did, trees covered Linda's car and made it hard for drivers to notice.

Her daughter said Linda broke her ankle in four places when she lost control and crashed.

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She couldn't get the driver's side door open and she'd forgotten her phone at home, so Linda waited for hours, in pain, before crawling into the backseat of the car and escaping through the back passenger door.

It was dark by the time she got out of the car. She was surrounded by thick brush and had a steep hill to climb - all while in excruciating pain from her broken ankle.

Her daughter said Linda was so exhausted at one point she fell asleep on the embankment. When she woke up, it was starting to rain.

Her daughter said Linda made it through the night by thinking about a Wednesday night sermon "that there's power in the name of Jesus."

She used a flashlight, turning it on and off - hoping someone driving in the early morning hours would spot her signal for help.

Around 4:30 in the morning, two oilfield workers did.

Linda was cold and scared, but safe.

She told her family she survived because the Lord's not done with her yet.

Linda is home right now, letting some swelling in her leg go down. She'll go in for ankle surgery sometime next week.

Linda's daughter said her mom has a sense of humor about the whole ordeal. She said her mom joked she never thought she’d be the camping type, but doesn't think it would be so bad now - as long as it was dry outside and she had a tent.