Police Arrest 3 Suspects In Homicide At Mohawk Park

Thursday, October 13th 2016, 8:02 am
By: Dee Duren

Tulsa Police say the death of a young man at Mohawk Park may be related to a series of crimes this week following the arrest of three suspects.

The victim may have been shot by other people retaliating for a truck theft, according to police.

Police said they have arrested three people in the man's death: Alejandro Guzman, 20, Jennifer Lopez, 18, and Jose Flores, 19. They were booked on multiple complaints including kidnapping, first-degree murder, and armed robbery.  

The shooting victim, Wilmer Flores, was found Wednesday evening at Mohawk Park. Police say he'd been shot multiple times. A passerby and an animal control worker found the man's body next to Cherokee Drive in the park.

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"The body was clad in a work shirt that had a first name on the pocket," Sergeant David Walker said in a news release Thursday morning.

Walker said the murder is related to a robbery at the Shoreline Apartments on October 11, 2016. A man shot another man in that crime. They also link the crime to a burglary and truck theft this week.

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The Ford Raptor truck was stolen at a Vapor store at 1107 South Harvard, according to Walker. He said the truck owners borrowed another vehicle and tracked the suspect to 2100 South Memorial. That's when police say the theft victims abducted the brother of the man they suspected of stealing the truck.

They identified the man who was suspected of stealing the Raptor as Elvin Flores. Police said they believe that name is an alias.

The brother was driven to Mohawk Park where he was shot and killed, the news release states.

Lopez told officers she wanted the brother of Elvin Flores to be scared but didn't think he should be shot, according to an arrest report. She told police Guzman shot the victim multiple times.

Arrest reports also state at least one of the suspects admitted they had robbed an Asian restaurant and stolen a truck over the last few days.