Downtown Tulsa Street Gets Hollywood Movie Set Treatment

Wednesday, October 5th 2016, 10:56 pm
By: News On 6

A production crew is shooting a movie in downtown Tulsa. The Wednesday night shoot closed down South Boston between 3rd and 5th streets.

We got an exclusive interview with some of the cast about why they actually prefer Tulsa to Hollywood.

This month, a Los Angeles production company, AZ Film Studios, is shooting a movie here in Tulsa. It's called The Recovery, and it's about a young woman dealing with grief who starts to lose touch with reality.

The cast says Tulsa's been the ideal location.

Writer and actress, Lizzie Gordon said, "Tulsa's just been a really great place to be. Everyone's really friendly. In L.A., sometimes I find it’s a little bit hard because everybody's super jaded and upset because they've been in traffic all day, but in Tulsa, everyone's like, 'Oh, hey, how's it going?'"

"People are excited to have us,” actor Adam Horner said. “And for us, as a film crew, that helps us and gets us more excited."

Tulsa might be a far cry from Hollywood, but it's not a random choice.

Abby Kurin is the director of Tulsa's Office of Film, Music, Arts and Culture; it's her job to bring film crews here.

"The fact that they've selected Tulsa, and they're here for weeks, is incredible as we continue to tell our story of how wonderful our city is," Kurin said.

The state offers filmmakers a 35-percent cash rebate - a deal too good to pass up. And once they're here, the filmmakers hire local companies to work with them; more reasons why the city hopes this little slice of Hollywood is here to stay.

Kurin said, "We walk to our own beat, and so when we welcome filmmakers to our city, it's a great opportunity to show them what we have to offer."

The Recovery has been shooting all over Tulsa, and even Hanna, Oklahoma. Thursday night will be their last before heading back to L.A.

Some Tulsans will also get their 15 minutes of fame in the movie; about 100 people were cast as extras.