Fire Damages Several Booths, Truck At Tulsa Flea Market

Monday, October 3rd 2016, 7:34 am

Tulsa fire investigators are trying to find out what caused an early Monday morning fire near Admiral and Mingo.

Tulsa firefighters say a police officer drove by at around 4:30 a.m. and saw several canopies on fire.  By the time they had arrived on scene, a truck parked nearby was also on fire.

The flames according to Cox Cable may have charred some of their cable lines and caused some outages in the area.

Firefighters are still looking for the cause of the fire, and they're not ruling anything out.
"We don't go in looking for an arson or clear anybody. You go in and do an investigation and it tells you whether it's an arson or not," said Tulsa Fire Captain Stan May.

The fire department says no one was injured in the fire.