Deputies Say Children, Teens Are Biggest Focus During Tulsa State Fair

Saturday, October 1st 2016, 7:25 pm
By: News On 6

The first weekend of the Tulsa state fair is well underway. With thousands expected to attend, Tulsa County deputies are keeping a close watch on children and teenagers.

Some deputies walk around while others drive around in golf carts monitoring the fair.

Screams of excitement, food and hordes of people are what you'll find along the Tulsa State Fair Midway.

"I like the food, and I like the rides," said fair goer Chasley Walkingstick.

Sprinkled throughout the fair are some of Tulsa County's finest.

The fair is one of the times deputies get to interact positively with the public.

"It's always wonderful to be part of the fair," said Tulsa County Sheriff Captain Ernie Mendenhall. "It's the one time all the residents of Tulsa county are kind of in one spot, so it's fun to be out amongst people and get to meet and greet and see everybody having a good time."

Even though they get to meet with people, they still have an important job. Mendenhall said one is keeping an eye out on children and teenagers.

"There's tons of children out here and they get distracted by shiny objects and stuff, so it's easy to become separated from your parents in a large crowd," he said.

Mendenhall said typically the fair has very few incidents and they work hard to keep it that way. But they hope when it comes to the older kids who come alone, their parents urge them to stay safe and behave.

"Be cautious of who's around you," said fairgoer Taylon Cooper.

Fair attendee Samuel Coutee stated, "My mom told me not to act a fool.”

But if something gets out of hand, the fair has the staff to handle it. There's juvenile services and a juvenile court on site during peak hours.

But as a suggestion for everyone, a little kindness goes a long way.

"As long as everyone is courteous then everyone is gonna have a good time," said Mendenhall.

When the fair closes at night, deputies are urging teenagers to leave the grounds quickly.