Tulsa EMSA Crew Confronted Over Terence Crutcher Shooting

Thursday, September 22nd 2016, 8:48 am
By: Joseph Holloway

EMSA relocated some of its crews overnight, after saying they were getting threats because they wouldn't reveal their thoughts on last weekend's officer-involved shooting.

EMSA is telling its crews to be careful and watch their surroundings, after a crew was threatened Wednesday night. An incident took place at 11th and Utica.

The ambulance company says a crew was getting gas when several people approached them in a car. They asked them what they thought about Terence Crutcher's shooting and the fallout from it.

Crew members told them they were just there to help, which EMSA said made the people angry so they verbally assaulted the crew. Emergency crews decided to move two of their posts to Hillcrest Medical Center until further notice.

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Kelli Bruer, EMSA, said thankfully the confrontation did not become physical.

"We are looking at all of our posts to make sure they are in safe and secure areas," Bruer told News On 6. "Our communications center is working on a plan to see where we can provide alternative locations if something were to escalate to where employees could get out of the units and go inside a secure building, i.e. fire station, hospital."

"We will also be sending an email to all employees to to make them aware of the situation and offer guidance."

Some of that advice includes:

  • Exercise caution and be incredibly aware of your surroundings
  • Post only in well-lit, highly visible areas
  • If your safety is threatened on post, scene or other location, retreat at once and/or request emergency back-up. 
  • Trust your professional judgment and basic instincts.