Civil Rights Activist Calls For Day Of Justice For Terence Crutcher

Wednesday, September 21st 2016, 6:08 pm
By: News On 6

Civil Rights Activist Al Sharpton is heading to Tulsa next week to stand with members of Terence Crutcher's family.

Wednesday, with the Crutcher family standing by his side, Sharpton made the announcement at a New York news conference.

Sharpton is calling his visit to Tulsa a National Day of Justice. He's expecting a huge yet peaceful crowd for his visit Tuesday, September 27.

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The long-time civil rights activist said he's fed up with the killing of unarmed Americans by police officers.

"This is a national crisis and it must be addressed," he said.

This time, Sharpton stood with Terence Crutcher's family - Crutcher died Friday after being shot by Tulsa police officer, Betty Shelby.

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Terence's father, Reverend Joey Crutcher, shared his reaction after learning of his son's death.

"I said what's wrong, and they said the police killed Terence, and I lost it. I fell out," he said.

Sharpton said the process of holding the officer responsible who shot Terence is moving too slowly. He hopes his National Day of Justice visit to Tulsa will push city leaders to do something.

"We demand immediate justice. There ought to be an immediate trial and immediate trying of the evidence. And stop the judicial stalling because justice delayed is justice denied," Sharpton said.

As the family waits for word of any charges, they say Terence's character is being unjustly questioned.

Sharpton said, "Don't try and smear this young man in death as you smeared his blood on that highway."

Sharpton and the Crutcher family say this isn't a case about a man who'd been caught doing anything illegal; Reverend Crutcher says the video shows his son following the rules he taught him.

"What do you do when you get stopped by the police? I say put your hands up, put them up so they can see them, so they can know you don't have a gun, and that's what he was doing,” he said.

The location and time for the National Day of Justice rally haven't been released yet.