Tulsa Mother Captures Motorcycle Driver Smashing Window With Helmet

Tuesday, September 20th 2016, 11:08 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa mom said she is the victim of a road rage incident that police are now investigating.

Law enforcement says rule number one is to avoid road rage confrontations at all costs, but this Tulsa mom said she did nothing to provoke it.

She got the whole thing on video, but that didn't help her understand why it happened.

She said it started Monday afternoon near 31st and Garnett.

The woman said a motorcyclist cut her off as she was turning left, and, about a mile later, he got off his bike and bashed the window of her car with his helmet.

The woman said she had two kids in her backseat.

"There is no right answer when you have someone who jumps off their motorcycle and knocks your window out," Trooper Dwight Durant said.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper said drivers should avoid these situations at all costs - never provoke an erratic driver, avoid eye contact and don't make hand gestures.

But, if you are attacked, Durant says to get away immediately.

"If you find yourself in that situation, do whatever you can to diffuse the situation. Call 911," he said.

The Tulsa mom did call the police, and, fortunately, she had video evidence of the attack.

In a Facebook message, she said, "Never did I imagine him busting my window with two kids in the car. It's a traumatizing event that will take me a while to get over. My anxiety has been on 10 ever since. I hope to sleep tonight."

Durant said, "Just because you're in your vehicle, you might think you're safe, you're in your little cocoon there and you're protected. As you can see, that guy knocked the window out with a helmet - she was not safe."

Nearly 4,000 people shared the video, helping police identify the motorcyclist.