Some Parts Of Green Country Driest In State

Sunday, September 11th 2016, 2:11 pm
By: Stacia Knight

Nice weather like today coinciding with the weekend is ideal. The windows are opened for part of the day, filling homes with fresh air. Local parks are busy, car wash lines are long and it seems like everyone and their brother are trying to have lunch on the patio. 

If we had weather like this every day, would find it as enjoyable and try to take it advantage of every chance we get?

 We probably wouldn’t. Sometimes you have to deal with the unpleasant weather to appreciate days like today. 

A lot of us see rain as needed but unpleasant. Rain can ruin our outdoor weekend plans, our fresh car wash and our new shoes. It is a necessity though, we need more than a little and less than a lot. Too much and too little bring us problems. Based on the latest drought monitor, we are needing it again. 

Some areas in Green Country picked up over an inch of rain on Friday night and early Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the rain gauges in eastern Wagoner county where a severe drought is taking shape did not see the nice soaking rain. That’s right, severe drought. Here in eastern Oklahoma there is a section of land that is the driest in the state. 

Any good news in this blog? Yes, there is. 

We have rain chances soon. Another cool front is setting sites on Oklahoma, late Tuesday. That will be the first chance for rain and storms this week. After Tuesday, an unsettled pattern takes shape which means several days of widespread rain are expected. This week, it looks like it will be Thursday and Friday. 

Let’s enjoy today and hope for rain - enough rain to keep drought conditions away but not enough that we can’t walk our dogs and have lunch (or dinner) on the patios.