Pawnee Family Discusses Dealing With Damage After Earthquake

Saturday, September 10th 2016, 11:13 pm
By: News On 6

Just seven days ago Oklahoma experienced a 5.8 earthquake, the largest one in the state's history.

Damage is still showing, especially in homes in Pawnee. One family News On 6 spoke with is now dealing with the stress of having to live in an earthquake prone area.

Living just miles from the quake’s epicenter, the Scott's felt the full force of the 5.8 earthquake.

"I jumped out of bed and was screaming for both of my sisters,” said Johnna Scott.

Johnna and her sisters, Jill and Jenna, all quickly got up and ran towards the front door, dodging falling picture frames as the family ran down the stairs.

"They were all kind of rolling down the stairs," said Jenna Scott.

Jill got hit in the head by a falling trophy, and there were some cracks in the walls. The Scott's feel lucky nothing worse happened.

"It's scary because you don't know what the next one is going to do," said Jarrod Scott.

And that's what has the family on edge, feeling helpless if another big quake shakes the home.

Jarrod's girls are also getting used to living with this new type of danger.

"I usually think 'just get outside,' even if they are small,” said Jarrod.

His girls actually practiced an earthquake drill for the first time in school this week.

"If the school is starting to think about that kind of stuff, I mean, what's going to happen?" Johnna asked.

The Scott's say their girls are now worried about sleeping upstairs, concerned they might not be able to make it out next time.

"It's pretty bad when you don't feel safe in your own home," said Jarrod.

But until the quakes stop, Jill Scott says, "Just hope for the best, I guess, and be prepared."

Hopeful state leaders addressed the quakes more directly to give people back their sense of safety and security.

"Somehow it's got to stop because this is not normal for Oklahoma," said Jarrod.

The Scott's home was built by Pawnee Bill almost 100 years ago, built using sandstone, which is a very soft rock and could be prone to more breaks more earthquakes occur.