American Miniature Horse Nationals Underway In Tulsa

Saturday, September 10th 2016, 7:10 pm
By: Tess Maune

It's called the biggest little horse show in the world, with more than 1500 miniature horses and their drivers at the Tulsa fairgrounds to compete.

Tiny horses will trot around a Tulsa arena over the next week.

“A lot of people think horses, they think riding or rodeo or something like that,” said Miniature Horse Show competitor Kimberly Cotter. “They think miniature, 'Oh, they're so cute.'”

And while the little horses are without a doubt adorable, Cotter says there's more to them than that. They love to work and compete and so does Kimberly.

“I like to do this because it's a challenge,” said Cotter. “Every horse is a different challenge, and going out there and winning with a horse that you've been working on for months is a pretty big accomplishment for yourself.”

She's has been driving miniature horses almost her whole life.

“She just turned 16, so now she drives horses and cars,” said her father Paul Cotter.

Her dad says she is more skilled driving horses. She has earned a handful national titles, after all.

“It takes dedication to own an animal,” said Paul. “It takes responsibility. You've got to feed and water it every day. You've got to train for it.”

Kids from about age three to 17 are competing this weekend. Adults will take the arena starting Sunday.

Visitors come from all over, including Canada, Netherlands, Belgium and Australia, and they say Tulsa is a top-notch city.

“Not only the city itself but the accommodations, the facility, they've maintained it,” Paul stated. “They keep making improvements to it. It's truly a first-class facility to show in.”

The show is free, air conditioned and is fun for the kids. 

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