OSU Football: Gundy Talks CMU, Win Over SE Louisiana, Importance Of Stability On Coaching Staff

Wednesday, September 7th 2016, 5:20 pm
By: News On 6

Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy held his weekly coach's show with radio voice Dave Hunziker Wednesday evening at Chick-Fil-A. Gundy discussed the win over Southeastern Louisiana, the Cowboys' upcoming opponent Central Michigan and the importance of stability on the coaching staff.

 On the Cowboys' win over Southeastern Louisiana:

"Overall, we played pretty well. We asked the players to start really fast. We were the more talented team. I was surprised they didn't run more of what I would call the triple option package with all of the motion we were expecting. They were much more vanilla, for whatever reason. Our defensive line dominated the game, which you and I talked about last week that they had some transfers that we felt like were guys that could play in this league, but our defensive line was much better.

 "I thought Mason (Rudolph) played well. We ran the ball better. How much better we are, I'm not sure. We turned a couple of guys loose. Last year, we turned six or seven guys loose a game in the running game, so this will be a good challenge for this week for us. Central Michigan plays the same type of defense we do, and Pitt plays the same defense, for the most part. It's a little bit more in our realm, so hopefully we can improve a little bit more in running the football. Our backs ran with some aggressiveness and authority.

 "Defensively, like I said, we pretty much shut them down. We got big plays on special teams. We were able to force turnovers. A number of young guys got quality time, so they could get on film and see themselves. They're such visual learners. It gives them a chance to correct their mistakes and improve this week in practice. It was a good week for us. We're playing a good team this week, and it will be a different challenge, but it's nice to have an 11 a.m. kickoff every once in a while. If they're going to do it, you want to be at home. It will be a breakfast tailgate."

 On the importance of stability on the staff:

"We have a plan, and we adjust it each year based on where the strengths are talent-wise on both sides of the ball, but the overall terminology, the structure in offensive meetings with the coaches, not only scheme-wise but also in recruiting, stays the same. In preseason, when I had my meetings, those took considerably less time because everybody had already been with me for a year. I don't have to go over all of that stuff before they get it, so that's less time they spend in there listening to me and they can go in there and do something constructive. When you have two or three new guys on the staff, you have to go over everything to make sure it's done right exactly the way you want it. It just takes time to bring those guys along."