Structural Experts Busy After Oklahoma’s Record Earthquake

Tuesday, September 6th 2016, 11:06 pm
By: News On 6

Since Saturday’s earthquake, structural experts are getting a lot of calls about possible earthquake damage.

Walls, foundations, and decks are all being checked to make sure they're still safe.

In the moments of the recording-setting 5.6 earthquake, many buildings got quite the shake. Now, many people are making sure nothing was seriously damaged.

Doby Franklin owns Franklin and Son’s Deck Masters and wants to make sure people know what to look for.

"Your structure is going to go one way, your footing is going to go another," he explained. "Around your rock footing, like that, see if there are any visible cracks or anything like that."

Then check the posts.

Franklin said, "If this twists, it's going to break and show cracks and stress."

When you got to inspect your deck, you are not looking for cracks that go with the grain. Instead, you are looking for cracks that go against the grain that would indicate the type of twisting and turning you would see in an earthquake.

"At angles or something like that, not straight up and down," Franklin explained.

Eden's Structural Solutions in Bixby has gotten 20 calls from people wanting an inspection following the quake.

Quality control specialist, Harold King, said, "The house was shaking some, it might just reveal something that was already existing."

King said to check for cracks in your foundation and around your windows, doors and garage.

He said to look for cracks that are a quarter inch or above in width. King said spotting it now can save a lot of money down the road.

Franklin said, "Posts start moving a little bit, and if you already have a crack or a break it is going to break in half."

At the very least, Franklin says don't be afraid to go jump up-and-down on your deck, feeling for any give or movement.

And if you discover any cracks in your home, Eden's Structural Solutions offers free inspections.