Tulsa Gas Station Impacted By Fuel Recall

Tuesday, August 30th 2016, 10:28 pm
By: News On 6

State regulators say about 450,000 gallons of gasoline containing three times the acceptable level of ethanol was delivered to retailers across the Oklahoma City metropolitan area over the last week.

So far, only one Tulsa County gas station has been involved in the recall, the Sam's Club at 6922 South Mingo Road.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission reported Tuesday that they were notified by Magellan Midstream Partners that the problem resulted from an equipment failure at its Oklahoma City fuel distribution terminal.

Magellan says it is still working to determine the retail locations where the gas with up to 30 percent ethanol was delivered, but state regulators say it appears most was delivered in Oklahoma and Cleveland counties.

Oklahoma City auto repair shop owner Mike Bailey says gas with 30 percent ethanol can damage fuel pumps, injectors and other mechanical engine components, and could destroy small engines like lawnmowers and weed trimmers.

OCC released a partial list of gas stations that received the gasoline from Magellan Midstream Partners. OCC said they will release a completed list by Wednesday.

Gas Stations Involved In Recall: