Brewers Say New Law Will Bring Boost To Oklahoma Economy

Friday, August 26th 2016, 10:35 pm
By: News On 6

All across Oklahoma, craft brewery owners are celebrating now that state law allows them to sell high-point beer on site.

People are so excited for a taste of strong beer that one local brewery had a line out the door, and brewers say what the law could do for the state's economy is even sweeter.

It might as well be a holiday at American Solera brewery; 424 Day, named after the Senate Bill that made selling and drinking full-strength beer at Oklahoma breweries possible.

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American Solera Owner, Chase Healy said, "This is the day we've been dreaming of since day one. So it's kind of just, it's kind of unreal."

Healy said people from all over the country - Austin, St. Louis, Chicago - came to Tulsa just for newly released eight-point beers that Healy and his team have been working on for years.

He says this is what brewers want to make and what people want to drink.

"We're not limited, or handcuffed in any way. The beer we want to make is just inherently stronger in alcohol. That's what people want to drink, too," Healy said.

Everyone we talked to wholeheartedly agreed.

"Oklahomans have wanted this,” Paul Sweet said. “We've waited for a long time for this, right? So we're happy to celebrate today."

Rachel Messer said, "One nice thing about craft breweries is because it's a higher-point beer, the kind of exotic nature of it is a little bit different."

Turns out, giving people what they want is pretty good for business; and Healy said the law will be good for Oklahoma.

"New breweries, people who are here today that I know personally that are now going to open businesses in our state and hire people and generate tax dollars,” he said. “People just won't believe what this is about to do for our community."

In November, voters will decide on State Questions 791 and 792. Those would allow grocery and liquor stores to sell cold strong beer and wine.