Bikers Gather In Tulsa To Honor Soldiers Killed In Operation Enduring Freedom

Saturday, August 13th 2016, 7:43 pm
By: Tess Maune

Almost 50 motorcycle riders rolled out Saturday to remember 14 Oklahoma soldiers killed in action while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom.

“I just support our military,” said biker Bennie Garrison. “I believe that we have the freedoms we have now because of what they did.”

Garrison didn't know any of the 14. But Oscar Kilo Memorial Ride Organizer Jason Barrow did.

“I was in Operation Enduring Freedom during that deployment,” he said.

He and his wife organized the memorial ride and celebration to honor the fallen and to raise money for their families.

The goal is $14,000.

“Our heart goes out to you; we pray for you on a regular basis,” said Barrows. “And don't forget that you're loved and that you have a family that still loves you and still has your back.”

Even the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is helping out. Four state troopers are volunteering on their day off to escort the bikers during the ride.

The bikers rode 14 miles from Tulsa to Glenpool. That's one mile for every soldier who didn't get to come home from war.

“That's our goal to honor them,” said Terra Peterson.

Terra and Garth Peterson's son, Sgt. Anthony Peterson, died in Afghanistan five years ago. He’s a hero to his parents and the young son he left behind.

“Very proud and I'm proud of all the rest of these guys,” said Terra. “I can't recognize my son without recognizing his brothers and sisters.”

And she can't thank enough those who are still honoring the 14 five years later.

“You have that saying, ‘Life's moments will take your breath away,’ this does it for me,” said Terra. “It takes my breath away that people still have that love for our soldiers.”