Elderly McAlester Woman's Sense Of Security Robbed After Home Invasion

Wednesday, August 3rd 2016, 8:34 pm
By: Tess Maune

An elderly McAlester woman has lived nine decades feeling safe inside her home, but she said she's been robbed of that after two men walked into her house and ransacked it.

Police said the home invasion happened around 4:00 Tuesday afternoon. They said the garage door was open and the door inside was unlocked, so the two men walked inside where the 89-year-old victim was sitting in her living room.

Sergeant Chris Morris said, “One of them put his hand on her shoulder and said, ‘You sit still, stay seated.’ And so she did, and they began to rummage through her house.”

Morris said the two men didn't threaten or hurt the elderly woman, but he said the thieves did make her watch as they ransacked her home.

They took her purse, medication and jewelry - but what they left behind might be key to solving the case.

Police said they went through several boxes, and McAlester detectives dusted each item for fingerprints.

“We've got some good prints that we're gonna send off and try to see if we can get a match on any of that,” Morris said.

The victim’s daughter said even though her mom might not be very big, she's still a spitfire. She said not much gets to her, but this shook her up.

“It’s pretty cowardly. She's under 5-foot and under a 100 pounds. 89 years old and you go take from her instead of getting a job,” Morris said.

But, more than anything, the victim said the thieves stole a sense of security she can't get back, and police want to get them off the street before they strike again.

Morris said, “If they've done it once, there's probably a good chance that they're gonna do it again, ya know. They're gonna continue to get braver.”

Police said the thieves have used the open garage door as an opportunity. But, they also said it's possible the men staked out the house and realized the owner was elderly and lived alone.

The victim said if she could afford it she would put in a security system.

She also said the men left in a small black car. Anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in near North 11th Street and East Keller Street should call McAlester Police.