Man Sentenced To Life In Videotaped Tulsa Rape Case

Wednesday, August 3rd 2016, 11:13 am
By: News On 6

The man convicted of raping a young Tulsa woman and having his buddy videotape the attack received a life sentence Wednesday.

Judge Sharon Holmes said the video was the most despicable thing she's ever seen in her entire life and that she couldn't sleep after watching it.

Holmes said she sentenced Erlin Arteaga to a life because she said he damaged the victim's psyche and wellbeing for the rest of her life.

The victim, Alexi, was at a friend's place in January when they had to go to work and said two men they knew would give her a ride home, but, instead, the men raped Alexi and videotaped it.

On the tape, you can see her fighting, screaming ‘no, stop’ and crying.

When she watched the tape she was in shock, and can just now talk about the attack without crying.

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"I've never seen anything that horrible in my life," she said.

The district attorney said when police arrested Arteaga he first denied having sex with Alexi. When confronted with DNA, however, he said she was a prostitute and agreed to the sex for money.

Then, he said he was owed a favor and she was it. Then, he said his buddy forced him to do it and, finally, he said she forced him to do it.

Right before he was sentenced, Arteaga told the judge he was terribly sorry.

"I think he's terribly sorry he got caught and people are making a big deal out of it. I don't think he is remorseful in the least," said Tulsa County assistant district attorney, Tara Britt.

Arteaga must serve 85 percent of his life term before getting out, then, he'll be deported back to Honduras.

As for the other suspect who shot the videotape, he pleaded guilty and got 15 years.

The victim said she’s now taking it one day at a time.