Sapulpa Neighbor Expresses Frustration With Construction Project

Tuesday, August 2nd 2016, 7:03 pm
By: News On 6

Road construction has kept a Sapulpa man from using his driveway for months, and he's tired of it.

Chester Guest has been keeping track of how many days the project has been going on. Right now it's 138 days, it was only supposed to take 60.

The sound of machinery wakes Guest up every day.

"Five or six in the morning, and it's all day long," he said.

Crews are installing a five-and-a-half-foot storm drain underneath the street. The project was scheduled to take 60 days, and then extended 45 days.

Guest said, "I didn't put the sign up until the 105 days were up. I said, ‘Come on now, let’s do something here.’"

The 74-year-old can't use his driveway and has to park at a used car lot around the corner.

Guest: “That's my truck.
Melissa: “So, you have to get out, have to climb over this and then walk through the neighbor’s yard?”
Guest: “Or climb over the porch in my neighbor’s yard to get to my house."

Recently, first responders had problems responding to a medical emergency at his neighbor’s house.

"Couldn't even get to his house with their equipment; they had to park over here and carry everything to his house," Guest said.

City officials said construction was almost complete, but engineers discovered a storm sewer box was improperly installed, so they started over.

"Just get it done and get it over with," Guest said.

He said a few of his neighbors own rent houses and are thinking about filing a loss of income lawsuit against the city.

The city said it is also frustrated with how long the project is taking, and that the street should reopen within the next four weeks.