Summer Fundraising Effort For Tulsa-Area Schools Nearing $4M Goal

Monday, August 1st 2016, 5:59 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A fundraising effort for Tulsa-area schools that started in early summer is wrapping up, and could soon meet the $4 million goal.

Several districts started asking for donations after substantial cuts from the legislature, and TTCU offered a $1 million match.

The largest effort from a single district comes from Tulsa Public Schools. The district plans to keep raising money through the end of the month.

"We're feeling really confident in where we are," said Brian Paschal with the TPS Foundation. "There was a hope to get to $2 million, as you know, the need is much greater. So, any amount we raise we'll be happy with."

The $2 million at TPS is part of the overall $4 million goal set by the credit union - TTCU. They're raising money for 30 Tulsa-area school districts and giving $1 million to the campaign.

"Our intent going in is that our TTCU donation would be a catalyst and inspire others to go ahead, and that's what's happened," Donita Quesnel said.

Jenks set a simple goal of about $20 per student to make up some of the losses from the state. So far, the district says 1,600 people have donated - some just a little, but one person gave $20,000.

Elizabeth Inbody with Jenks Public Schools Foundation said, “I anticipated it would be supported, but not at the volume it has been.”

TTCU said it doesn't have all the numbers from area districts, but, at this point, they're confident.

"Once we have the final numbers in, we might not hit the $4 million, but we'll be close," said Quesnel.

Jenks has raised three-quarters of the money it was after. Parents will soon get postcards to encourage them to put Jenks over the top.