Sand Springs Mom Gives Advice After Thief Steals Car With Sons Inside

Monday, July 25th 2016, 5:33 pm
By: Tess Maune

A Sand Springs woman recommends staying "prayed up" after a thief stole her car with her young sons inside.

Tiffani Pearson was running late and left something inside, so while she ran back in the house, she left the car running and her boys in the backseat.

The rest happened in an instant, Pearson says. 

"You never think it'll happen to you, but it did," she said.

Pearson says she had just put six-year-old Jeremiah and four-year-old Robert in the backseat of her car when she realized she forgot something inside.

Her car has keyless entry, so she left it running with her boys inside, while she ran back in the house with the key fob. She says she was away no more than 30 seconds.

"It was hell. I've never felt that feeling in my life," she said.
When she came back out she saw a man driving away with her car, her boys still in the backseat. She called 911 and within two minutes police had good news.

Police found the car stopped in the middle of the road about a quarter mile from where it was stolen. The driver was nowhere to be found, but the two little boys were still in the backseat, shaken but safe.

"What scared them most, he looked back at them and said, 'Hey boys,'" she said. "So he knew there were children in the car and he chose to continue driving." 

Pearson says the car turned itself off because it got out of range from her key fob. But she also thinks something else played a role in keeping her kids safe.    

"Pray over your children. Pray over your house. Pray over your car. It may sound silly to some people, but I truly believe that prayer is what stopped this guy today, so you just have to stay prayed up." 

Police say there isn't a very clear description of the man. They're asking anyone who may have have seen something suspicious in the Sand Springs Park Road area to call police.