First Triple-Digit Day Scorches Tulsa

Friday, July 22nd 2016, 7:07 pm
By: News On 6

As the temperature climbs, the risk of being stricken with a heat-related illness rises.

Still, folks at River Parks say the triple-digit heat isn’t keeping them inside.

Plenty of people were walking and riding their bikes, but even the professionals are taking it easy in this heat.

“It's pretty hot,” Chris Stapleton said.

Turtles were sunbathing on rocks in the Arkansas river, but most everyone else is doing their best to escape the suns intense heat.

"This part of the trail is pretty cool because it is shaded most of the way,” runner Cathy Stapleton said.

Stapleton says the high temperatures definitely impact her run. 

“During these types of heat events, we slow it down and walk if we need to,” she said.

We found kids playing in splash pads and people riding their bikes and walking at River Parks Trails, but we couldn't find one runner.

Fleet Feet Manager Lance Miller says group runs are modified during this triple-digit heat.

“We've had a few days where we had to cut the runs in half, and a few days where we completely cancelled the evening work outs."

He says it's too risky once the heat index reaches 110 degrees,

Even though athletes are used to pushing through the pain, even the most experienced runner isn't safe from the heat.

“When people stop sweating when it's really hot or start to get cold when it's really hot -- those are signs of a lot of distress,” he said.

Miller says it's important to hydrate ahead of time and always take a water bottle with you.

“Drink regularly, but still drink to thirst,” Miller said. “On days that are this hot, you are going to be plenty thirsty."