Tulsa 10 Year Old Dubbed 'Foul Ball Magnet' As Collection Keeps Growing

Monday, July 18th 2016, 7:32 pm
By: News On 6

The ultimate souvenir from a professional baseball game is a ball.

Some people are better than others at coming up with one, but a Tulsa 10-year-old has dozens and dozens.

Ikie Gleeson has quite the collection of baseball game balls - you might call him a ‘ball magnet.’

"Yeah, my dad started calling me that a few years ago when I got five balls in one game," he said.

He has dozens and dozens.

There are two ways to get them, he said - hustle for foul balls, or have players toss them up to you.

Ikie said the best place to get one of the balls tossed to you when the players are coming off the field is by the dugout; but be careful, it gets a little crowded.

"People say it's easy to get a toss-up, it's not, 'cause there are 20 other kids trying the get a toss-up," he said.

He just got back from a road trip to watch the Cubs play the Reds in Cincinnati; he got two balls.

Gleeson said, "This is a baseball from Kris Bryant. He played in the All-Star game for the National League."

He's got lots of balls from Tulsa Driller games, “I've gotten six toss-ups this year," he said.

Counting the foul balls he's hustled for, it's a dozen or more - also baseball cards.

"I got this a few days ago, I got Hank Aaron, Kris Bryant, Ryne Sandberg," he said.

He's got other stuff - helmets, bats and bobble heads - but balls are his thing, and he's good at it.

"I have an eight-game ball streak right now," Gleeson said.

He’s going to the Drillers game Tuesday night, hoping to keep the streak alive.