Armed Suspect Surrenders After Six-Hour Standoff With Tulsa Police

Wednesday, July 13th 2016, 6:05 pm
By: News On 6

After several hours, a standoff between Tulsa police and an armed suspect barricaded in a Tulsa home ended peacefully Wednesday evening.

It was a very stressful scene, with lots of police officers with long guns and dressed in SWAT gear; they even brought in an armored vehicle.

It was all a precaution because police said the man inside, Aaron Walker, had a history with police.

While friends waited anxiously outside, police surrounded the 34-year-old, who was inside a friend’s home in the 4700 block of South Yukon.

"I've been praying the whole time. As soon as I got the phone call that's all I did, was continue to keep praying," said Walker’s friend, Cherokee McIntosh.

Police learned Walker was at the home and initially went there to serve warrants around 1:00 Wednesday afternoon.

“He had two felony warrants, both of them drug related,” said Corporal Tami Manz. "He was outside in the yard, he saw the officers then quickly fled back into the residence."

Police then surrounded the home, ordering Walker to come out.

"We did speak with him for approximately ten minutes, and at one point he did say he was going to come out, however, he did not," Manz said.

Police said Walker has a history of resisting arrest and incidents with firearms, so officers took precautions.

Manz said, "Whether he is actually in possession of them at this time, we don't know, but he does have access to them and he does have access to the ammunition." 

The standoff ended six hours after it started - peacefully, with no one injured.

Friends of Walker said they hope he learns from this and betters his life.

"Hope that this is an eye-opener and that he will open his eyes up and realize that he needs to be there for his four babies," McIntosh said.

Walker has been booked into Tulsa County jail and charged with his two outstanding federal warrants - both drug related.