Tulsa Couple's Daughter Talks Being At Dallas Rally When Police Shootings Occurred

Saturday, July 9th 2016, 11:01 pm
By: News On 6

Former Tulsa resident Sydney Friedrichs was out protesting to make a difference.

“Stand with black and brown lives that unfortunately don't matter as much as my life does," said Friedrichs.

She was near the front of the pack when the march was about to end then gunfire sent people running.

"Bullet shells [were] pinging off of the concrete," she explained.

She quickly texted her mom.

"Her first text actually was 'they're shooting and I'm running,'" added Kimberly Saunders.

Friedrichs says she texted her mother because she believed it wouldn’t end well.

“As she was speaking to us, it was unfolding," said Saunders.

Friedrichs made her way with others, finally seeking shelter with police in a nearby Gray Hound Bus station. 

After three and half hours, she was able to get out of the danger zone and reflect on what had just happened.

“We still knew that this had just potentially ruined all the hard work that we just went through," Friedrichs stated.

She says she feels heartbroken for the officers who lost their lives but doesn't want the killer to distract from her group’s positive message.

"I can't go to bed at night, knowing that I'm not putting forth my privilege to help benefit those around me," she said.

Her mother says, “she's determined as ever to continue doing what she's doing and that's what makes me proud of her.”

Hopeful that justice will prevail, there will be accountability for all, and people will do more to make equality a priority.

"The only way we can get to that outcome is if we start standing up and say 'black lives matter,'" said Friedrichs.

Friedrichs says the incident hasn't scared her from participating in other rallies. 

She will be at one on Sunday, and also plans to attend another one on Monday in Fort Worth.