American Revolution Celebrated With Bell Ringing In Tulsa

Tuesday, July 5th 2016, 2:09 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The ancestors of America's revolutionary war soldiers marked the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence Monday.

The group rang bells for each of the colonies that declared themselves independent 240 years ago.

The Sons, and Daughters, of the American Revolution take the occasion seriously.  It's a chance to pass along the heritage and history of the country.

Members of both groups joined together, many in period clothing, to celebrate the 4th.

The group heard a reading of the Declaration - in a ceremony punctuated by the the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America.

The honored color guardsman for the event was John Haws Jr - now 101 years old.

 "It means once again I've been able to strike for liberty," John Haws, Jr., Sons of the American Revolution.

The highlight of the ceremony is the ringing of the bells - all across the nation at the same time - 13 times; once for each colony.

Matt Weiher said his family has a long history of patriotism - and military service.

"There's other countries right now going through a struggle.  We're able to live our daily lives and be together and be happy.  And if it weren't for our soldiers out there fighting every day we wouldn't be able to do that.  So it means everything for me to be able to raise my family in a safe environment, and be happy and do what we dream," Weiher said.

The group hopes new generations will embrace the significance of the day, as they have done through tracing their own history - and recreating the past.

"It means that there's still days ahead that we're going to have to do the work on, "It's not over yet," Haws said.

The Sons of the American Revolution - and Daughters are still actively looking for people who can trace their heritage back and they'll help you do it.

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