DOC: Water Issues At Hominy Correctional Center To Be Resolved Soon

Friday, July 1st 2016, 6:41 pm
By: News On 6

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections expects water issues to be fixed at the Dick Conner Correctional Center in Hominy this weekend.

The center has been dealing with water issues for about a week but said it has taken precautions as the water tower refills.

In a news release, Friday, the DOC said the 500,000-gallon take is about three-quarters full and that some areas of the facility – medical and kitchen – have water.

The release says, despite the kitchen having water, employees are still using potable water to allow water pressure to build.

The DOC said crews are going through the seven units of the facility to clean valves and screens of sediments. They expect to finish Friday evening or early Saturday morning.

Once water is fully restored, they say crews will then clean sediment out of the showers and all pipes leading to the facility.

They say inmates should be able to take warm shows Saturday evening but will resume outdoor field showers until then.

They also say inmates are drinking from one-gallon bottles and that each inmate has their own.

According to the release, inmates have not been drinking dirty water and meals have not been cooked with dirty water. The DOC said, at one point when pressure had been restored, dark water came out due to built-up sediment.

They also said inmates have not been asked to use buckets to go to the bathroom in. The release says they have, however, been given buckets to fill their toilets.

Despite the water issues, the DOC said no inmates have been treated for dehydration, heat exhaustion or any other heat-related illnesses.

They say each inmate has been provided with bottled water and each cell has been provided with ice.

The City of Hominy said it expects full water power to be restored to DCCC by early next week.