Driver OK After Pickup Plunges Off Tulsa Highway Bridge

Thursday, June 30th 2016, 1:22 pm
By: Joseph Holloway

Thursday morning, a pickup plunges off the elevated ramp from Highway 169 onto Interstate-244 below. Seconds later, the driver was out of his truck and walking around.  

Tulsa Police say the pickup crashed through a guardrail coming to rest on its side in the westbound lanes of I-244.

The fire department says the driver was OK after the crash. 

Another driver says someone slammed into the pickup.  She posted a photo on the News On 6 Facebook page saying, "I was praying as soon as I saw him getting hit. I would love to give him a hug because living through that is going to haunt him. It's going to haunt me."

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"Our EMS squad truck was taking care of him. I really didn't get to talk to him but he was up walking around," said Tulsa Fire Captain John Smith.

After the wreck, Oklahoma Department of Transportation crews went to work cleaning up the damage that was left behind.

Crews worked to repair an overhead sign damaged in the crash.

The fire department says truck's gas tank ruptured, leaving a lot of gas and oil on the ground. That is where their firefighters went to work.  

"Right now, that's what we're doing: just trying to get that picked up, keep it out of the storm water system and protect the environment," said Tulsa Fire Captain John Smith.

Smith says the end result was much better than he expected.

"You think 'man, this is gonna be a bad deal and they're up walking around, no scrapes, no scratches, doing good," said Tulsa Fire Captain John Smith.

The fire department says the truck did not land on any other vehicles.