Woman Survives Encounter With Tulsa Men Arrested For Robbery, Murder

Monday, June 27th 2016, 7:49 pm
By: News On 6

Two men are in the Tulsa County jail, accused of robbing several people and even murdering an innocent man.

One woman was delivering pizzas and said she was able to get away from the same men after they robbed her and shot at her.

"I remember in my head, thinking, I'm not going to die," she said.

Renee was making a pizza delivery when she said the men yanked her out of her car, pulled her across the street and started firing bullets at her feet.

"They have the pizza, they have my car, they have everything they want. What are they going to do to me," she said.

Renee said one man tried to sexually assault her and choked her, but she fought back, got her Taser and raced back to her car.

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She said she had a sexual assault exam, went home and was shocked to see, just hours later, two of the men who attacked her – Emmitt Sam, 17, and Nathan Simmons, 16 - were on TV.

Renee said, "When I found out they killed that guy in east Tulsa is when I lost it."

Police said they did a home invasion in Broken Arrow, a shooting in north Tulsa, several carjackings, and killed a man.

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Police recovered both the handgun and an AK-47 used.

Renee said, "I'm proof they failed. They didn't get my car, they didn't get my life. I'm the one they couldn't kill."

Renee hopes, between her exam and the fingerprints from her car, there's enough evidence to put the suspects away for a very long time.

Police said one more person is still missing.