Green Country Cheerleaders Say Thieves Steal $2,000 In Fireworks

Sunday, June 26th 2016, 9:57 pm
By: News On 6

A group called Spirit X-Plosion cheerleaders set up a fireworks stand as a way to raise money for their cheer competitions.

They say this weekend, thieves stole their most expensive fireworks two nights in a row.

The cheerleaders and their families realized on Sunday morning that more than $2,000 worth of fireworks were missing from their booth.

They say someone stole from them on Saturday night as well -- even though they had someone sleeping in the stand all night.

The families filed a report with the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office. In the meantime, they have to eat that cost.

The families did replace the stolen items, but had to pay for them out of pocket.

"I was just shocked,” cheerleader Jordan Cagle said. “I didn't think anyone would steal from the fireworks stand if they knew what we were working for."

You probably can't tell by the way they are taking it in stride, but these girls are disappointed.

"We just had lots of hope we could get money, and it was really disappointing when we heard someone stole fireworks,” cheerleader Samantha Hulse said.

Mom Rachel Hulse said the fundraising efforts are vital to the group's activities.

"A lot of our girls cannot afford to do competitive cheerleading because there's a lot of travel and stuff like that involved," she said. "The expenses are pretty good, and so we work these fundraisers to raise money so we can afford to do those things."

The girls are tough. They're only 9 and 10 years old, a few as young as 5, working nine-hour shifts in the heat to make money.

All so they can keep doing what they love -- tumbling.

"We can't afford this, we're now working for free if this happens, and it's just heartbreaking,” Rachel Hulse said.

If you'd like to help the girls, their fireworks stand is on Highway 51 and 225th East Avenue in Broken Arrow.

If you'd like to make a donation to Spirit Xplosion, you can drop off cash or check at 22055 E. Apache in Catoosa. You also can call 918-739-4525 or email

If you have any information on this theft, you're asked to call the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office.