Hard Rock Sexual Assault Victim Provides Voice For Silenced Victims

Thursday, June 16th 2016, 7:23 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The victim of a rape at the Hard Rock Casino came forward Thursday to encourage other victims.

While she's satisfied with a five-year sentence for her attacker, she's sympathetic to a victim in California where the rapist only got six months.

Shelby Pfeffer, alongside attorney Gloria Allred, said she decided to come forward to empower other victims.

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“It is my goal to provide a voice for victims who feel silenced,” she said.

Pfeffer is the victim of an attack at the Hard Rock Casino.

The case wrapped up in Rogers County this week with a five-year sentence for Scott Bennett - a man who assaulted her while she was intoxicated and practically unconscious.

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It has similarities to a now infamous case at Stanford where the attacker was given a lighter sentence and the victim has not come forward.

Pfeffer said, "And her abuser was given an unreasonably light sentence base, based on age, risk and being a first time offender. My heart aches for this victim and her loved ones."

Pfeffer's attorney said it's important for women to know it doesn't matter if the victim in an assault is intoxicated, it's still a crime.

"If a woman is incapacitated because she is under influence of drugs or alcohol, you have no right to touch her, assault her, rape her - because she cannot consent," Allred said.

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Pfeffer said she's satisfied with the sentence for her attacker and now wants to simply encourage other victims to come forward and pursue justice.

The sexual assault at the Hard Rock happened in a hallway and was picked up by security cameras. A judge in Rogers County is considering releasing the video since the trial is over.

Pfeffer and Allred are fighting that and will also be in court July 5th when Bennett asks the same judge for a new trial.