Geese Cause Crash On Tulsa Highway

Thursday, June 16th 2016, 12:20 pm
By: Dee Duren

Geese caused a multi-car wreck on the Gilcrease Expressway Thursday morning.

Tulsa Police Officer David Hickman said two westbound drivers encountered a gaggle of geese headed to a retention pond.

"There's always geese out here, and the geese were crossing the road," Hickman said. "They said the whole flock - about 12 to 15 birds - were in the middle of the road."

Both drivers slowed when a third person in a Thunderbird came up behind them at "full speed," Hickman said.

The Thunderbird swerved, trying to go between the two cars but instead crashed into one - a Ford Flex - the officer said.

Even with three cars scattered over the highway, the officer said it could have been worse.

"Everybody's walking, talking and nobody's going to the hospital, at this point," he said.

Both lead drivers were in newer cars with a lot of plastic, and hitting the geese might have totaled their vehicles, the officer said.

"They're always in this pond, and I've seen them cross here before, but not that many," Hickman said.