Family Of Man Who Died When Tasered By Tulsa Police Wants Answers

Friday, June 3rd 2016, 1:20 pm
By: News On 6

The family of a man who died after being tasered by Tulsa police wants answers. They say they are not sure who's at fault and have a lot of questions.

The family of Ollie Brooks Sr. wants people to know he was a man who loved his children and grandchildren.

Brooks served time in prison, but his family claims he hadn't been in trouble since he was released in 2001.

According to police, they were arresting people with warrants at a Super 8 Motel on Saturday night and Brooks had a misdemeanor warrant. Officials said Brooks resisted arrest, so they warned him they were going to pepper spray him and Taser him, which they did.

Officers said Brooks still got away and ran down a flight of stairs where officers tackled him. They said they put Brooks in handcuffs, sat him up on the stairs, and it was after that he quit breathing.

"It was a life, a life that mattered. I just want the truth. If he was at fault, okay, he was at fault. If they were at fault, okay, they were at fault," Brooks' son, Ollie Brooks Jr. said.

Police say EMSA was on scene to remove the Taser leads when Brooks clearly needed medical attention, which he got right away. They said CPR was administered, but Brooks didn't make it.

Tulsa Police chief, Chuck Jordan said, "This is a situation where the initial reports from the ME said his heart was very enlarged, likely due to exertion. A family member told us he was in St. Francis two weeks ago for congestive heart failure."

His family did say he had congestive heart failure, but they feel they don't have the whole story.

The family's attorney said officers are debt collectors with badges and shouldn't arrest people on petty warrants like Brooks' 2015 Tulsa warrant for jaywalking.

Police say it's their job, and small offenses often lead to bigger ones. They say they found cocaine and a pipe in Brooks' room.

The attorney initially said the room wasn't secured or searched for days, but police say it was secured immediately and searched within hours.

The district attorney will decide whether to file any charges.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help with funeral costs.