Rumors About Band Put Oklahomans On Edge

Thursday, June 2nd 2016, 7:26 pm
By: News On 6

A country rap band touring the Midwest is causing a stir in some Oklahoma small towns.

Locals claim the group is harassing people.

The band showed up here at the corner of the main intersection in Welch, causing concerns for some of the locals stopping at the corner store.

“I've heard from different, my friends and stuff that they've seen them up in Riverton, Galena, Miami, Vinita, up here, and then they headed over to Chetopa so, they're definitely all over the place,” Michelle Sears said.

Sears works at the tag convenience store in Welch and when she saw vans pull in with the Urban Cowboy labels-- she knew who it was.

“A year or two ago they would come up there to the Sonic in Miami and we would have to run them off everytime,” she said.

According to his website-- Mikel knight is the self-proclaimed country rap king from Nashville with close to 200,000 likes on Facebook.

But social media hasn't been nice to the musician.

The Internet is full of claims he exploits his employees-- and picks up teenagers in the small the towns he visits.

That's why some folks in Welch say they weren't keen on his visit.

“Everyone's heard of the rumors and everything, and we don't know what's true and what's not and you don't go up to a strangers can regardless of who they say they are,” Sears said. “He just got really defensive whenever our owner told them to come inside and get away from their vans."

Craig County Sheriff Jimmy Sooter says his deputies were called out to check on the band, but when they got there, the tour vans were gone.

“They committed no crime,” Sooter said. “They were just there and had people uncomfortable."

Sooter says he doesn't know if the claims about the band are true but hopes this is the last report of them in Craig County.

We reached out to Mikel Knight for comment and never heard back, but on his Facebook page, he says the rumors are not true.