Police: Two Wounded By Air Soft Pellets At Tulsa Transit Bus Terminal

Thursday, June 2nd 2016, 7:12 am
By: Dave Davis

Tulsa police are looking for at least two people who used air-powered rifles to shoot pellets at homeless people downtown.

Officers said they take this type of crime seriously.

Tulsa police know of three people who have been shot with hard plastic pellets at the downtown transit station over the last four days. Two of those people were hit Wednesday night.

One victim, James Jackson, went to the hospital where medical staff told him the impact caused a small fracture in one of his ribs.

"My wife is 18-weeks pregnant, so I covered her up and took the full blunt of it," he said.

Police said early Thursday morning, a driver and two, possibly teenage, shooters drove around the station's parking lot, and eventually parked and got out, all the while unloading up to 40 pellets on people with airsoft guns.

"The homeless, who are trying to take shelter to stay out of the weather, and they're just basically picking on people who are defenseless," Officer J.C. Comstock said.

Travis Jones said the same people shot him in the shoulder earlier this week.

Not only did a responding officer call the shooters bullies, but he's concerned about the shootings for another reason.

"They look as real as any firearm you'll see," Comstock said.

Jackson agreed.

"It did look like real rifles being fired. Because, I mean, just the way they were holding them and everything, it looked like a real gun," he said.

Police says this has been a recurring problem at the bus terminal.

Officers urge anyone with information about the shootings to call Tulsa Police's Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.