Surveillance Video Captures Armed Robbery In Tulsa Neighborhood

Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 11:20 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa police are searching for an armed robber who struck Tuesday evening in Tulsa’s Terwilliger Heights neighborhood.

The whole thing was caught on video and shows a man walking his dog when another man hops out of a car and approaches.

Neighbors said violent crimes don’t happen often in their neighborhood at the corner of 22nd and St. Louis, which is why, just before dusk, you’ll find several people walking and riding around.

But video shows, about 8:00 Tuesday night, as a man walking his dog turns a corner, a red car pulls into frame, then, while at a slow roll, a passenger wearing a black shirt and cap hops out of the car and runs towards the victim.

The video isn’t clear, but police said the man robbed the victim at gunpoint, and, seconds later, ran out of frame.

"We all know crime goes on, but it's always shocking in your backyard," said Terwilliger Heights resident Glynn Davis.

Davis and his family take walks every day, they said they had just finished their walk around 7:30 - 30 minutes before the robbery. 

"It was really close to home,” Davis said. “We walk through these streets every day, same time every evening. So it was kind of shocking to have something like that happen at such a prime-time. Everybody is out that time of day."

Police haven't said what the crook got away with, but Davis said whenever his family does go out for walks, he leaves valuables at home.

"When I was younger I probably would have had a different mindset, but now I have a 1 year old, you do whatever you can do to get out of there with the least violence," he said.

Neighbors we spoke to said they believe they've seen the red car rolling through the neighborhood, but police haven't made any arrests.

If you know anything you're asked to contact police.