Hominy 'Flag Man' Rallies Community To Remember Fallen Heroes

Monday, May 30th 2016, 8:39 pm
By: Tess Maune

A Hominy veteran's mission to honor fallen heroes has turned into a quite a community tradition.

In Hominy, 1,201 flags are flying at the AJ Powell Cemetery after volunteers of all ages placed a flag at the grave of every veteran buried at the cemetery.

Vietnam vet Babo Carter, who’s known around town as The Flag Man, started the tradition back in 2011 and it's grown every year since.

Carter spent a full year walking around the cemetery and writing down the names from every grave marker he could find with Military Insignia. Then he went to City Hall to get the names of other veterans, who he might have missed.

The Flag Man does get some donations, but he also sets aside $100 a month from his military pension to buy the flags. He also buys 150 3X5 flags to hang around the cemetery.

It's a tribute organizers say wouldn't be without the many volunteers who take time out of their day to make it possible.
Carter's wife said she thinks the flag project has helped her husband come to terms with why he came home, when so many of his friends did not.