Report Card Shows Tulsans Mostly Satisfied With City Government

Monday, May 23rd 2016, 6:48 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The City of Tulsa got a report card today on city services, and while it's trending upward, the survey shows room for improvement.

The city did a survey of citizens three years ago and again this past winter. It says Tulsans are generally happy with what they're getting from the government.

The city's report card shows Tulsans are unhappy with city streets but overall are pleased with city government.

The results come out of a $50,000 survey on customer satisfaction.

An independent pollster questioned 1,800 people, last January.

“That shows our customers, the taxpayers, see our government as improving, as providing a good quality service,” Tulsa mayor Dewey Bartlett said.

The report card shows 70 percent of Tulsans say they're satisfied with city services but somewhat less satisfied with police than the fire department.

They're very dissatisfied with the condition of major streets – 53 percent - and they don't like what the city is doing about it: 69 percent are unhappy with street maintenance and more than a third are unhappy about traffic flow.

Besides streets, the priority for citizens is public safety, with crime strategy, police visibility and shorter response times topping the list.

The pollster said while Tulsa's government is improving, citizens still expect more.

"And that shows that the public says, ‘Hey these are things we need to improve, oh yes, let’s put more money toward that so we can improve it,”’s Bill Shapard said.
“And we're aligning that, what Tulsans feel, with what the city government is doing. And that alignment is so important with running a city this size."

Every city department head was briefed on the survey and every employee will get a copy to help guide them on what citizens want.

The survey covered all city services from trash to transit and you can see the full results by clicking here.