Tulsa Charity Makes Home Wheelchair Accessible for Amputee

Saturday, May 21st 2016, 9:55 pm
By: News On 6

A woman who lost her leg in a motorcycle accident in February is getting some much-needed help.

The Home Builders Association of Tulsa is helping to make her home wheelchair accessible.

She says she'll be glad to start doing some normal things again.

Leslie Livingston's been back home for about 2 weeks now--and adjusting to life in a wheelchair hasn't been easy...

"I've gotten stuck in the den a few times," Leslie Livingston said.

Her home is not wheelchair accessible, and the ramp she had installed on the front of her home is not safe.

“I couldn't go out of it by myself, so someone could come over and wheel me over it because of the rough spots… it's been challenging," she said.

That's where the Home Builders Association Charity Foundation decided to help.

“This is kind of in our wheelhouse because the carpentry, so we try to do things that we can help make a home accessible or usable in some way,” Ken Slatnik said.

Volunteers spent Saturday building Leslie a proper ramp for her front door and making sure she could get in and out of every room without a hitch.

Leslie's excited to gain some independence again.

“I'll be able to go out my front door by myself and take the trash out or take my puppy out for a walk or stuff like that,” she said. “So I'm very thankful they have stuff like this."

While Leslie has a long road ahead, she's thankful for the help she's received.

She says while she is still getting used to life without her leg, she's thankful she's alive.