Discovery Channel Drag Racing Show Denied Permit To Shoot In Tulsa

Thursday, May 19th 2016, 11:16 pm
By: News On 6

The Tulsa City Council decided that a reality TV show about  street racing will not be allowed to film in Tulsa this month.

Tulsa police asked councilors to deny the permit to Street Outlaws, a reality show on the Discovery Channel. The show is based in Oklahoma City and it's all about street racing.

It wanted to film some races on a stretch of 46th Street North near Mingo. The show has filmed there before, but, this time, Tulsa Police stepped in.

"My bottom line is that, in my personal opinion, this show brings nothing positive to Tulsa," officers said at the meeting, saying it sets a dangerous example.

Captain Brian Carlisle works the graveyard shift and said every weekend dozens of illegal street racers meet at 46th Street North and Mingo. He blames Street Outlaws, which filmed there in 2014.

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"I think that's due to a certain amount of notoriety, or prestige, from the TV show showing those sections of roadway, and I personally believe that's why they choose to go there," he said.

Mo Krishna, a producer for the show, told the city council the show follows all protocol and laws and it can't be held responsible for the behavior of imitators.

"The influence that is being spoken about by the police department, we understand. It happens. But we're also an entertainment show," Krishna said.

Attorney Mark Edwards said even if Street Outlaws was granted the special event permit by the City of Tulsa, drag racing on public streets is still illegal in the State of Oklahoma.

"In this case, clearly the safety of drivers, pedestrians, even people that live nearby, is a state concern and a city concern. So, in that case, state law would always win out," Edwards said.

City councilors said they would be open to the idea of Street Outlaws filming at the Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, which is a legal venue for drag racing.