Couple Hit By Tulsa Officer Still Struggling With Medical Bills After City Settles Suit

Sunday, May 15th 2016, 6:32 pm
By: News On 6

A couple is pushing for a change in the way tort claims are handled by the state of Oklahoma.

Both people were seriously injured after a police car slammed into their motorcycle.

Three years later, they say they still can't pay for all their medical costs, even after the City of Tulsa settled a suit with them.

"So I looked down and my foot was flopped over to the side and this bone was sticking out, so I just fell back down,” Bobbie Keeter said.

Bobbie and Scott Keeter are still recovering from their injuries after a Tulsa police officer turned left in front of them and crashed into their motorcycle in 2013.

“You can see the rod that I have right here,” Scott said.

Both Bobbie and Scott had extensive injuries o both of their legs requiring several surgeries and physical therapy. Scott also struggles with a traumatic brain injury and neck problems.

The city settled a lawsuit filed by the Keeters, but they still are struggling to pay their medical bills.

“There's $61,000 for one…. $8,352; $1,037; $2,289; $3,269; $3101.58…”

State law caps damages at $175,000.

But the Keeters’ hospital bills run into the millions, and the insurance company wants what is called "subrogation" which means the insurer has the right to legally pursue that money.

The Keeters haven't seen a cent to start paying off the bills the insurance doesn't cover.

The couple tells News On 6 they want lawmakers to look into changing the cap.

They say while they understand people try to take advantage in certain lawsuits. They believe situations like theirs should be looked at closer and given more than the cap when it's appropriate.

“I just don't want anyone to go through what we've been through," Bobbie said.

Friends and family have set up a Go Fund Me page for the Keeters to help with their medical costs. You can reach it by clicking here.