Oologah High School Seniors Continue Tradition With Harmless Prank

Friday, May 6th 2016, 11:01 am
By: Richard Clark

The Oologah High School class of 2016 continued the tradition of pulling off a harmless prank at the school.

The seniors placed thousands of Solo cups in and outside the school overnight, along with a banner that reads, "We've wrapped things up and now were going solo."

Senior Tarry Bruner said the seniors had permission from the administration.

"We used 3,000-4,000 Solo cups, 20-30 boxes of Saran Wrap," Bruner said. "About 60 of our 130 kids in our senior class participated."

The stunt was more than just a prank, Bruner said.

"We had a cookout all night in the parking lot and made amazing memories with our class. With graduation 21 days away our time is limited and I'd say we made the most of it!"

Last year the senior class covered the front entry of the school with dozens of old tires.

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In 2014, the senior class used hay bales and tarps to create an artificial pool in the parking lot. 

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As in years past, this year's seniors will clean up what the prank left behind.